Стихи о любви на английском языке

Hearts — Сердце

Опубликовано 13 февраля 2009 в сборнике Стихи о любви на английском языке

I like being active,
I won`t be alone.
This story that happened,
Is only my fault.

Emotions and feelings,
I`m crying a lot,
My life that I`m dreaming.
I`ll write in my notes.

«Is it hard to be happy?»,
I asked everyone.
It`s easy.But maybe
This waiting for love
Will pass.And my heart
Won`t be broken.Enough.

Because of some things,
That will help to myself:
My mind and a cunning,
My spirit and strength.

I`ve left to the world
That I`m dreaming about.
Independence.Of course.
I have grown.I`m adult.
I`m sixteen,however
Experienced enough.

And now I`m ambitious.
I`ve chosen my way.
I won`t be a girl,who
Just tries to escape.

My problems were solved.
My past was forgiven.
I`m a person.I live
In a special era.

Yes.It`s hard.And I haven`t
Much time.It`s my life.
A lot of the trainings
And homework at night.

Sometimes I think over,
Strange thing finding out:
My heart will stop beating,
If love comes inside:

Inside of my feelings,
Inside of my mind.
That`s why I`ve decided
To change the result.

Excluding emotions
I won`t be such nervous.
I`ll reach the success.